First Trip to Sedona

“Why have we never been here before?” That’s the question we asked ourselves when we first drove up here. Living in Arizona for over 13 years you would think that we would have come here to hike before. Crazy, right? Thankfully we finally did and we are so glad! It’s a scenicĀ and windy road up the I-17. The second we rounded the corner into Sedona we instantly found ourselves at a loss for words. The mountains were so red and so large. It’s extremely hard to describe it when it’s just too beautiful.

We decided to hike Soldier’s Pass Trail. It’s a moderate 4.2 mile loop. It took us almost two hours to complete as we stopped and took pictures every 5 minutes, but it was a really great trail. This is something for everybody as we saw many families with young kids on the trail. It’s also easy access to Seven Pools which would have been super cool if there was more water in them. It’s definitely something you’d want to see during monsoon season. The only downside to this trail is that there is very scarce parking. Make sure to get there early!

After the hike we definitely made our way to downtown. There are tons of cool little shops and restaurants. We ate at Javelina Cantina and could not have asked for better Mexican food. Super great margarita’s and even better service! It’s super easy to be in Sedona for at least half a day so be prepared to make it a day trip. Something about the vibes we got from here really made it feel like we were connected with nature and it’s an experience we’re going to want to keep coming back for. This is only the first trip to Sedona, but trust us there will be more!

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